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D48 - for Ø 48,3 mm 1 ½"

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  • 101D48 - short tee

    SKU: 101D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    101D48 - T-Stück kurz
    Art-No.: 101D48 This short tee is made of malleable for a 90 degree, suitable connection between two pipes, one horizontal and one vertical. It is us...
  • 127D48 - adjustable long tee (30° - 45°)

    SKU: 127D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    127D48 - T-Stück 30-45°
    Art-No.: 127D48 Adjustable from 30° to 45°, often used on staircase top rails. This pipe fitting can be used where the top rail must be joine...
  • 104D48 - long tee

    SKU: 104D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    104D48 - T-Stück lang
    Art-No.: 104D48 For a 90 degree connection between handrails and stanchions of railings. It is used when connection of the passing pipe is to be made...
  • 116D48 - corner (middle rail)

    SKU: 116D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    116D48 - Eckstück durchgehend

    Art-No.: 116D48

    Used in connection with type 128 for a 90 degree corner joint of a railing or other rectangular structures.

  • 161D48/C42 - crossover 90° reduced

    SKU: 161D48/C42

    Incl. 19% Tax
    161D48/C42 - Kreuzstück vorgesetzt 90° reduziert

    Art-No.: 161D48/C42

    Like type 161 but for tubes of different sizes.

  • 119D48 - cross piece (middle rail)

    SKU: 119D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    119D48 - Kreuzstück durchgehend

    Art-No.: 119D48

    90 degree connection between the middle element and support of railings.

  • 128D48 - corner piece (top rail)

    SKU: 128D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    128D48 - Dreiweg-Eckstück 90°
    Art-No.: 128D48 For 90 degree corner joint of the handrail and other rectangular structures, often used where top rail meets corner upright on level ...
  • 129D48 - Short T 30 - 60°

    SKU: 129D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    129D48 - T-Stück kurz 30-60°
    Art-No.: 129D48 This type is used in inclination of the railing between the center bar and vertical stanchion and diagonal braces. Angles of 30 to 60...
  • 130D48 - Kreuzstück 30-45°

    SKU: 130D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    130D48 - Kreuzstück 30-45°
    Art.Nr.: 130D48 Dieser Typ wird bei Neigung des Geländers zwischen Mittelstange und Pfosten verwendet. Wird auch mit Typ 129 eingesetzt. Der W...
  • 131D48 - wall flange round

    SKU: 131D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    131D48 - Wandbefestigung rund

    Art-No.: 131D48

    Floor- and wall mounting with mounting holes. For the structural attachment of protection- and crash railings Type 132 is used.

  • 132D48 - railing base flange

    SKU: 132D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    132D48 - Fußplatte oval
    Art-No.: 132D48 The fixing holes suit a wide range of common mechanical and chemical masonry anchors of protection- and crash railings for example. T...
  • 133D48 - plastic stop end grey

    SKU: 133D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    133D48 - Kunststoffstopfen grau

    Art-No.: 133D48

    The plastic stop end is used to seal open pipe ends. Pursue with a rubber mallet. Type 333 is an alternative made of metal.

  • 134D48 - ground socket

    SKU: 134D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    134D48 - Bodenhülse

    Art-No.: 134D48

    Setscrew allows the upright to be removed when required, the fitting remaining cast in place.

  • SKU: 135D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    135D48 - T-Stück offen
  • 136D48 - clamp-on tee (2 bolt)

    SKU: 136D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    136D48 - T-Stück mit Bolzen aufklappbar

    Art-No.: 136D48

  • 137D48 - clamp-on crossover 90°

    SKU: 137D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    137D48 - Kreuzstück 90°

    Art-No.: 137D48

  • 138D48 - gate eye

    SKU: 138D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    138D48 - Stellringauge

    Art-No.: 138D48

    Often used with type 140 to form gate- and door hinges.

  • 140D48 - gate hinge pin

    SKU: 140D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    140D48 - Stellringzapfen

    Art-No.: 140D48

    Often used with type 138 to form gate- and gate hinges.

  • 145D48 - Wall bracket horizontal

    SKU: 145D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    145D48 - Wandhalter Platte horizontal

    Art-No.: 145D48

    A palm-type fitting, often used to attach guardrail uprights to walls, staircases and ramps.

  • 146D48 - Wall bracket triangular flange

    SKU: 146D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    146D48 - Wandhalter Dreieckflansch
    Art.Nr.: 146D48 Zur Befestigung von Schutzgeländern oder Balustraden an Wand, Brüstungsmauern und Rampen. Der Pfosten kann nicht durch di...
  • 148D48 - swivel short tee

    SKU: 148D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    148D48 - Winkelgelenk verstellbar
    Art-No.: 148D48This versatile tee fitting is usually used in pairs to set an arbitrary angle between the horizontal pipes from 85° to 135°.A t...
  • 149D48 external sleeve joint

    SKU: 149D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    149D48 - Verlängerungsstück außen
    Art-No.: 149D48 A straight fitting for joining tubes of the same size. Dependent on load requirements, type 150 may sometimes be used as an alternati...
  • 150D48 - internal expanding joint

    SKU: 150D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    150D48 - Verbindungsstück innen
    Art-No.: 150D48 A straight fitting for joining tubes of the same size. This fitting can only be used for 3.25mm wall thickness tube and must not be u...
  • 152D48 - railing base flange oval 0° - 11°

    SKU: 152D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    152D48 - Fußplatte oval 0-11° Neigung

    Art-No.: 152D48

    Base flange oval for sloping sites, adjustable from 0° to 11°, usually used for guardrail and wheelchair ramp uprights.

  • 153D48 - Short T adjustable 0-11°

    SKU: 153D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    153D48 - T-Stück kurz verstellbar 0-11°

    Art-No.: 153D48

    Tee piece for handrails with slopes from 0° to 11°.

  • 154D48 - Elbow adjustable 0 - 11° inclination

    SKU: 154D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    154D48 - Bogen verstellbar 0-11°

    Art-No.: 154D48

    Angle joint adjustable for slopes from 0° to 11°, often used where top rail meets end upright on sloping sites.

  • 155D48 - Long T adjustable 0 - 11°

    SKU: 155D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    155D48 - T-Stück lang verstellbar 0-11°
    Art-No.: 155C42 Adjustable for slopes from 0° to 11°, often used to join intermediate uprights to top rails and middle rails to end uprights....
  • 156D48 - Cross adjustable 0 - 11° inclination

    SKU: 156D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    156D48 - Kreuzstück verstellbar 0-11°
    Art-No.: 156D48 Adjustable for slopes from 0° to 11°, often used between middle rail and uprights on sloping sites and often paired with type...
  • 158D48 - center cross for support pipe

    SKU: 158D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    158D48 - Kreuzstück für Stützrohr
    Art-No.: 158D48 Four horizontal pipe outlets for connection to a vertical support tube. Usually used in the middle of larger structures such as self-...
  • 160D48 - clamp-on crossover

    SKU: 160D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    160D48 - Kreuzstück offen

    Art-No.: 160D48

    Pipe connection without dismantling the adjacent pipe fitting. It is often used to add to existing structures.

  • 161D48 - crossover 90°

    SKU: 161D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    161D48 - Kreuzstück vorgesetzt 90°

    Art-No.: 161D48

    Pipes can not be connected within the article. Alternatively, type 137 and 160 are used.

  • 161D48/B34 - crossover 90° reduced

    SKU: 161D48/B34

    Incl. 19% Tax
    161D48/B34 - Kreuzstück vorgesetzt 90° reduziert

    Art-No.: 161D48/B34

    Like type 161 but for tubes of different sizes.

  • 165D48 - combined tee and crossover

    SKU: 165D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    165D48 - Kreuz-T-Stück kombiniert
    Art-No.: 165D48 Often used in racking and similar structures, the fitting allows both uprights and front and rear horizontal rails to be continuous. ...
  • 167D48 - double swivel connection

    SKU: 167D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    167D48 - Gelenkstück doppelt

    Art-No.: 167D48

    Swivel fitting 180° for adjustable attachment of pipe outlets of the stanchion 2 x 173F and 1 x 167 M (riveted).

  • 167MD48 - double swivel connection

    SKU: 167MD48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    167MD48 - Gelenkauge doppelt

    Art-No.: 167MD48

    Swivel fitting 180° for adjustable attachment of pipe outlets of the stanchion 2 x 173F and 1 x 167 M (riveted).

  • 168D48 - 90° corner double swivel combination

    SKU: 168D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    168D48 - Gelenkstück doppelt 90°

    Art-No.: 168D48

    Joint piece 90 ° for adjustable attachment of two pipe outlets, consisting of 2 x 1 x 168M 173F and (riveted).

  • 169D48 - swivel wall fixing

    SKU: 169D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    169D48 - Gelenkfuß

    Art-No.: 169D48

    Hinged foot consisting of 169M and 173F, for mounting to the floor, ceiling or wall.

  • 169MA27 - swivel wall fixing

    SKU: 169M

    Incl. 19% Tax
    169M - Gelenkfußhalter

    Art-No.: 169MA27

    Base of the swivel wall fixings 196A27 to 169E60

  • 170D48 - single mesh penal clip

    SKU: 170D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    170D48 - Gitterhalter einfach

    Art-No.: 170D48

    This single mesh panel clip serves to attach mesh panels with a clamping force of up to 8 mm to one side of a tube

  • 171D48 - double mesh panel clip

    SKU: 171D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    171D48 - Gitterhalter doppelt

    Art-No.: 170D48

    This double mesh panel clip serves to attach mesh panels with a clamping force of up to 8 mm to one side of a tube

  • 173D48 - single swivel combination

    SKU: 173D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    173D48 - Gelenkstück einfach

    Art-No.: 173D48

    Swivel combination, consisting of 173M  and 173F, for the adjustable mounting of an handrail.

  • 173FD48 - single swivel combination female part

    SKU: 173FD48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    173FD48 - Gelenkhalter

    Art-No.: 173FD48

    Versatile fitting, which can be combined in different ways. Is part of the fittings 167, 168, 169 and 173rd

  • 173MD48 - single swivel combination male part

    SKU: 173MD48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    173MD48 - Gelenkauge einfach

    Art-No.: 173MD48

    Swivel combination male part is part of fitting 173 (combined with 173F)

  • 101D48/B34 - short tee

    SKU: 101D48/B34

    Incl. 19% Tax
    101D48/B34 - T-Stück kurz

    Art-No.: 101D48/B34

    Like 101 but for different sized tubes.

  • 176D48 - side outlet tee

    SKU: 176D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    176D48 - T-Stück für Stützrohr
    Art-No.: 176D48 Three way tee for support tube is often used for shelving and also often used in large tubular structures with the upright passing th...
  • 179D48 - locking ring

    SKU: 179D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    179D48 - Stellring
    Art-No.: 179D48 Often used with other fittings to increase slip load capacity or to support other fittings which are left to rotate freely on tube to...
  • 182D48 - adjusting ring with hook

    SKU: 182D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    182D48 - Stellring mit Haken

    Art-No.: 182D48

    Usually used where chains need to be easily removed for access.

  • 185D48 - Eaves fitting 27,5°

    SKU: 185D48

    Incl. 19% Tax
    185D48 - Traufenstück 27,5°

    Art-No.: 185D48

    Eaves fitting is often used for tent construction.

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60 Item(s)

In this category you will find all available Interclamp pipe fittings of type D48, which are suitable for pipes with an outer diameter of up to 48.3 mm.