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Glass Balustrades

You like to secure your stairwell, your balcony or another space with a balustrade? In this case, you make with a glass balustrade the right choice. A glass balustrade is usable in many different ways and impress thru the modern, timeless and elegant design. Glass fits very well in the modern architecture, finds his place also perfectly as a highlight in restored old buildings.



Glass balustrades for timeless and elegant living


Balustrades and guardrails made from glass are more popular than ever. As a balcony balustrade, in the stairwell as a protection or even in the spa-area many hotels – a glass balustrade is a real eye-catcher. The glass balustrade not only serves as a visual highlight, but also as protection against falls and other accidents.


With us you get the right components fort he construction of your glass railing. It’s possible to mount the glass balustrade on the side or on the bottom. When you like to mount the balustrade by the side, you mount the needed aluminium profiles on the side of the area you like to protect. Constructions of glass balustrades like these were often used for balconies. When you mount the construction on the bottom, you mount the aluminium profiles directly on the floor. These method is mostly used when the balustrades serves as a room divider.



A safe choice – the glass balustrade


A glass balustrade ist not only a eye-catcher, it secures the respective area are as well. Our aluminium profiles comply with class 20 DIN 17611 for outdoor use (exterior, city and industrial atmosphere, SO2 from combustion and industrial emissions). The different aluminium profiles disposal different rail loads, please note this. Which rail load is ideal for your project, you can request from us.


Decisive is also the respective height for your glass balustrade. These should be never set too low - especially in public areas. If you have any questions, don’t be afraid, our team support you in every possible way. Your glass balustrade should be safe as much as it’s possible.

For a safety mounting you have to use the right rubbers. Just put the covering rubbers on the needed distance on the profile, otherwise relevant to the amount of glass sheets. Afterwards set the glass sheet (thru the setting of the glass sheet, the covering rubbers will be pressed automaticly like a „U“ in the aluminium profile) and put the thin conclusion seal into the profile. Thru a simple counterpressure you secure the glass sheet. Now gear the glass sheet with a wedge. Fort he conclusion put the thicker conclusion seal between glass and profile.



The best components for your glass balustrade you will find at FeNau


If you are looking for high quality components for your glass balustrade – then you are right with us! We attach high importance to quality products and a fast delivery. Take a look at our wide range of components for yor glass balustrade online ant contact us directly via phone, fax or e-mail. We are looking forward to assist you in choosing the right aluminium profile and components.