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Buy high quality pipe clamps which can be used in many different ways

Pipe clamps are an essential piece if you want to connect pipes of different sizes. In our assortment you will find pipe clamps made of pure malleable, which is not only galvanized, it’s also electro galvanized for your use. Through the manufacturing process, all our connections are given the highest stability and a good looking shine, which prevents the unpopular oily optic and haptic. As a top manufacturer in germany, we offer you cost-effective pipe clamps as an alternative to the pipe clamps from england. Because, our clamps have a very fine look and also come with a fair price and high material quality. Another benefit is the low-priced shipping and the fast delivery.

Find pipe clamps with suitable diameters for every use

When you purchased your needed pipe clamps, the outer diameter of the pipe must be observed in addition to the desired application. The specification of the internal diameter is not sufficient for the purchase of our pipe clamps, since the wall thickness additionally influences the internal diameter. Correctly taken, you will find in our assortment all standard dimensions for pipe clamps which are suitable for the following applications:

- 21.3 / 26.6 mm: In the store, e.g. for clothes racks and bars; Shop building; exhibition booth; Bar equipment
- 33,7 / 42,4 mm: industrial railing, bicycle racks or tire storage; railings; Metal; Staircase;
- 48/60 mm: football stadia, borders of squares or railings; Agriculture; Equestrian center; roofing; carports; Stables; livestock farming

Especially in the case of higher diameters, pipe clamps are characterized by the highest robustness. This makes them a durable companion for any industrial operation and a valuable investment for guard rails in public areas for example or on playing or climbing constructions.

Quality analysis through an institute for maximum safety and stability

Based on the most important ISO standards and with acceptance by a quality analysis through a institute called TÜV, our pipe clamps ensure the highest quality and safety in all variants. This is accompanied by a fast assembly, which takes place with a flick of the wrist thanks to the enclosed cutting screws. Just plug the pipe through the connector and tighten it with 40 newton metres. Also the opening of our pipe clamps, for example directly after the delivery in your warehouse, is quickly done and provides immediately for the desired guard rail for example. Together with the attractive look, FeNau pipe clamps are more attractive to use then similar products from competitors.

Discover your next needed pipe clamps easily online

If you are looking for good advice and fast delivery when purchasing pipe clamps, our universally applicable articles are the ideal choice. For example, you can access our pipe clamps for shelves, tables and other pieces of furniture, which can be installed easily by DIY enthusiasts and experts alike. Our team will be glad to assist you with their experience and help you to choose the right pipe clamps for your application. In addition to a look at our range of goods online, we are ready for your call, as well as you like to visit our warehouse with other quality items.