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Pipe fitting made of malleable cast iron, hot-dip galvanized and electrogalvanized, are suitable for store construction, railing construction and scaffolding.


Due to a variety of different types of pipe fittings your designs can be quickly and easily realized. Galvanising does not only give the pipe fittings a visual „facelift“ but additionaly makes them more resistant to external influences and also less sensitive when they are used in connection with other materials.


Our pipe fittings are available in five sizes. The first three digits describe the type of the fitting, the last two digits the size of the pipe. The positions after the decimal point are disregarded. This results in, for example for a rectangular elbow and a pipe in 48.3 mm (equals 1 ½ inches trade name) the following order number: 125D48

Since international dimensions are used, the actural internal diameter is larger, in order to suit all comparable pipe sizes in different countries.

For example A27 can be used for pipes with a diameter of up to 28 mm.


 nominal diameter 

 outer diameter 




26.9 mm



33.7 mm


1 ¼"

42.4 mm


1 ½"

48.3 mm



60.3 mm


Create stable pipe constructions! Fast, effective and variable! High profitability – not many tools needed- without welding - no special techniques!