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Base Plate

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Base plates for your railing constructions


With a base plate it’s possible, to mount the needed posts in your railing construction fast, safety and simple. Otherwise the plates are perfect for a unproblematic assembly for wardrobe poles or as a conclusion for handrails. The base plates with a middle drilling are perfect for mounting typical tubes or square steel bars, because they are automaticly centred and only need to be welded or screwed.


The base plates are available in the grade of AISI 304 or AISI 316. Either the plates are pressed and then reworked or they are cut by a laser. Either way all base plates are reworked and the edges polished. Also you can decide if you like a round or a longitudinal polish on your base plates. Of course, you can buy the plates also raw.



Versatile and quick to assemble – base plates from FeNau


You will find many different models of base plates in our online shop. First, you can choose between round and square base plates. The round base plates can be choosen with two or three drillings for a simple mounting. The drillings have a standard diamter of 11 oder 13 mm, with which you can fix them with M10 or M12 screw.


Furthermore the base plates have round or a oblong drilling. Your assembly object can still be rotated during the long hole drilling and thus perfectly aligned. You can also choose whether you need the anchor plates with or without center hole, depending on the intended use. Either way, the anchor plates can be easily, quickly and safely installed by you.



You will find high quality base plates in our wide range of goods


Our base plates are made from the high quality material AISI 304 or AISI 316. Thru this they are durable and robust and can be used indoors and conditional used outdoors. Quality, great customer service and short delivery times are our priority.


If you are looking for more equipment for your railing construction or other projects, take a look at our online shop. In certain areas, special designs are not a problem for us. Smaller but also larger orders are available from FeNau without any problems and in the best quality.


If you have any questions or requests, please call us on +49 (911) 9791723-0 or send us a fax at +49 (911) 97917232. Of course, you can also come directly to us! Our offices and our large warehouse can be found in Hafenstr. 93 in 90768 Fürth/Germany – we are looking forward to seeing you!