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Handrail Brackets

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Handrail brackets – your safety support


If you want to install a handrail you have to use strong and safety handrail brackets. These secure your handrail and contribute to stability. The brackets are not only a essential commodity in safety, further there are important to design your handrail the way you like. Our handrail brackets are modern, plain and timeless and thus contribute to a harmonious overall picture.


Handrail brackets are easy to install on the needed hight. In this case, it’s important where you want to install the brackets, to choose the right mounting element. Please notice that we don’t give you any mounting element. But, if you have any struggles to find the right mounting element, we are pleased to help you. Our handrail brackets are suitable for standard tubes with a diameter of 42.4 mm.



The best choice for your project – handrail brackets from FeNau


The handrail brackets from our offer give you a lot of options to build your railings where ever you need them. If you want to build a straight railing or a stair-railing, with the handrail brackets from FeNau you have no problems anymore. A handrail bracket with a tube, which is made from stainless steel, you have the perfect combination for your railing. But, if you want to mix it with a wooden handrail, it’s also a classy eye candy. So you have all opportunities to build a railing the way you want it.


Our handrail brackets are made from robust and rustproof stainless steel (grade AISI 304) and impress not only with the shiny look but also with their perfect quality. You can use our offered handrail brackets indoor and conditionally used outdoors. This material has proven himself over the years because it has an excellent weldability and a very good polishing ability. A little polish from now and again with a stainless steel cleansing agent, helps to bring your handrail bracket back to shine like a new one.



Handrail brackets in excellent quality


The handrail brackets from FeNau don’t need very much care, are robust and very durable. We constantly keep an eye on to offer you products in a very excellent quality.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about handrail brackets or railing systems. Of course, we also advise you in all other product areas. Our competent and friendly team is looking forward to your call.


Short delivery times are not just an empty promise, owning to a high stock of products you get your ordered goods in shortest time. We deliver your ordered goods safely packaged to your delivery address. If you like you can get your order personally, for example your ordered handrail brackets, at our warehouse – we are looking forward to your visit.


To knock on the right door – get your high quality handrail brackets from FeNau.