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Stainless Steel Post

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High quality stainless steel posts from FeNau

A Stainless steel post is an essential element for every railing. They support the railing and at the same time they serve as a connector between handrail and crossbar holders or glass clamps. Every railing and every protection can only provide as much stability as the supporting stainless steel post. Accordingly important is the careful and durable processing of the posts.


FeNau offers you a wide range of different stainless steel posts and custom posts for the wall- and floor-mounting. Thru our wide range of goods are we able to convert every project as you want it. Explore now our different types of stainless steel posts and order them in the quantity of your choice.


Stainless steel posts for railings and wire cable systems

Posts made from stainless steel build the basic structure for every railing or wire cable system. They are either mounted directly on the floor or on the wall, giving the railing the necessary support. As a connection between the handrail and the floor, the posts are not only responsible for a safe stability but also shape the overall appearance oft he railing.

At FeNau you will find a wide range of posts for stair-railings, guardrails and many other applications. Our posts are made from high-grade stainless steel AISI 304, which is very protective against the weather and can be used indoors but is also qualified outdoors. Every stainless steel posts can be deduced with other stainless steel components from our range, for example with our crossbar holders or our decorative stainless steel balls.

Order your stainless steel posts now online and design your railing the way you want it. It’s your desicion, if you like to design the railling as an open railing with crossbar holders or wire cables, or if you like to build a close boundary with glass sheets or sheet metal. Suit to your stainless steel post you can order your needed glass clamps at our shop too and mount your glass sheets on your own.



Stainless steel posts for mounting on the floor or on the wall

For a individuell design of your railing we offer you many different types of stainless steel posts. For the strong floor-mounting we have different options for the combination with glass clamps and crossbar holders. Besides this you have the opportunity to create your posts individuell or design it as a square steel bar. We try to implement every project according to your wishes and to your satisfaction.


As a alternativ to the classic stainless steel posts for bottom-mounting you can get at our shop also stainless steel posts for side mounting. Side wall mounting does not reveal any floor slab, so your railling looks very elegant and modern. You build a railing like this as a protection for balconys and higher terraces.

Shop your stainless steel posts online at FeNau

FeNau is your specialist for stainless steel components with a wide range for commercial business and private customers. You can buy your stainless steel posts for floor-mounting oder wall-mounting made from stainless steel grade AISI 304. Explore now our wide range of stainless steel posts and order the needed accessories directly online at our online shop.